I confess to being a casino bonus hunter. After spending around PS1500 on traditional matched bonuses earlier in the year, I was interested in finding ways to play the many sticky bonuses offered by online casinos.

A sticky bonus is where the casino gives you additional cash over what you deposit. However, you must return the compensation to the casino when you cash out. It’s almost like they loan you the bonus. You can’t play the traditional bonus strategy of playing low-stakes games over and over until you meet the wagering requirement.

Consider this: If I deposit PS100 at a casino and receive a PS100 sticky bonus, I could play it through 2000x to satisfy the wagering requirement. I would then be competent to cash out on PS180. But, I would lose the PS100 bonus when I cash out. This is a terrible thing for a bonus hunter such as me.

It seemed apparent that sticky bonuses should be avoided. But as more casinos began to offer them, I realized that there was a way to play them. Ironically, my strategy boosted our casino earnings from hundreds to thousands of pounds. These bonuses were intended to fool unwary bonus hunters and propelled my bankroll skywards.

My strategy was simple, and I’m glad to share it now with you. There are risks involved, and you may lose your cash. However, the way it works makes that unlikely, as you can see in the example below.

You need to choose ten bonus casinos that offer a 100% blackjack-friendly bonus. Before even considering playing, deposit the amount recommended for the sticky bonus. Notify all users and passwords and the amount deposited at each casino.

This is the most crucial part. You will need to load the casino and play one hand of blackjack. Use the casino-rich listing strategy card to play the hand. Play one hand. Win or lose.No point to the outcome; you will need to open another casino and play the same. Continue this process with all ten casinos.

Blackjack has a shallow house edge, which means that you only have a 50/50 chance to win this hand at each casino. You should win five hands at each of the ten casinos. If this is true, then the balances at each casino will look like the following:

  • Casino 1 PS100 in Bonus, PS100 Bonus, PS200 On One Hand Win PS400
  • Casino 2 PS100 In, PS100 Bonus, PS200 On One Hand Win PS400
  • Casino 3 PS100 in Bonus, PS100 Bonus, PS200 On One Hand Win PS400
  • Casino 4 PS100 Bonus, PS100 Bonus, PS200 On One Hand Win PS400
  • Casino 5 PS100 Bonus, PS100 Bonus, PS200 One-Hand Win PS400
  • Casino 6 PS100 in bonus PS100 on the one hand, PS200 on the other
  • Casino 7 PS100 Bonus PS100 on One Hand, PS200 in, PS100 In
  • Casino 8 PS100 Bonus PS100 on One Hand, PS200 in, PS100 In
  • Casino 9 PS100 Bonus PS100 on One Hand, PS200 in, PS100 In
  • Casino 10 PS100 Bonus PS100 on One Hand, PS200 in Casino 10
  • Total PS1000 in, balance PS2000 (of the latter PS500 will be repaid with cash)

Remember that the wagering prerequisite must be met. You should play safe and make the remaining provision with small stakes to cash out as much of the PS400. Remember that you’ve already completed the PS200 wagering requirement for that one bet.

If you, like me, find it hard to return to the smaller stakes after heartbreaking action, then play at slightly higher stakes. You might also consider wee pouring, which is a way to increase your stakes. This could be as simple as doubling your winnings after a win or waiting until you lose a few times before raising your stakes. You can cash out after you’ve placed your first high-stakes bet.

These figures are only a guide. However, there are several other ways to make extra money. The first is that casinos may offer higher bonuses than 100%. If you win first, your profit will increase even more. A second reason is that certain casinos provide a 100% sticky bonus for every second, third, and fourth deposit. If you lose at a casino and have the courage (and the bankroll) to redeposit, you will get another 100% bonus and play the same blackjack trick. This was done at a Swiss casino. I lost the first two deposits but won the third. I played through to get back the money I had deposited.

As I said, you can make double your money if you play right. But I am an aggressive blackjack player. Although I stick to the strategy chart, I will change my bet from PS5 to PS100 at any time. It’s true; after discovering this bonus trick, I played at all ten casinos in one evening.

Because I was certain no one would believe me, I stayed up until dawn and took screenshots of all my wins. While I don’t claim you can make as much as me, it is worth seeing the screenshots just for curiosity’s sake. That night I was PS3651 richer, and these wins helped me reach over PS10000 before I quit playing casino.

This is something I did for you. I know that the promotions frequently change, so I have researched. It would be adequate if you only chose casinos that are friendly to BJs, offer sticky bonuses, and require minimum wagering. These are the ten casinos I would prefer if I had to do it again. You have my best cravings, and I hope you have a great time.

  • Casino 1- Golden Palace 200% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS300
  • Casino 2 Flamingo Club 200% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS300
  • Casino 3- 200% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS300
  • Casino 4 Grand Online 200% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS300
  • Casino 5 Casino Del Rio 100% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS200
  • Casino 6- Vegas Red 100% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS200
  • Casino 7- Playdate 100% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS200
  • Casino 8- Casino 100% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS200
  • Casino 9- Acropolis 100% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS200
  • Casino 10 Casino Las Vegas 100% Bonus Deposit PS100, Play with PS200

Your deposit is PS1000, which you should have already made using bonuses. Your total bankroll, including dividends, is PS2400. After you have completed the single-hand trick at each casino and assumed half of the hands are winners and half are losers, your bankroll will remain at PS2400. You can play all wager requirements and cash out minus any PS400 sticky bonuses if your bankroll is maintained at PS2400.

Final resultPS2000 return on PS1000 deposits.You can play even more aggressively and make even greater returns than I did. There are many more casinos available. Once you have a good bankroll, you can look at some casinos that do not allow blackjack. Or, you can try your serendipity with the massive slots bonuses.

Many online casinos offer to gamble. It can be questioned to choose the right one. However, it is important to try each site before placing any real money. Every online casino should offer a free section that allows you to play a few games for no cost. This is where people will spend most of their time if they don’t want to gamble. However, if they do, be ready to be tempted by many offers to begin.

Once you have decided to place a wager, ensure you read the terms and conditions. Every site is further, so be sure to read the rules before you place a bet. Before you start playing at online casinos, set a budget. Don’t exceed it. You should start with a small amount and keep your bets as low as possible. Don’t bet better than what you can afford.

Online casinos can be addictive. Your time and money could quickly fly by. You can only play for a set portion of time, such as half an hour or one hour. After that, take a break to clear your mind and get something to drink or eat. Online versions of popular games like blackjack, roulette, and slots can be played with friends. This will allow you to all share the cost of your game and keep each other from spending more than your budget.

Many strategies and tips are online, but you should not take them as gospel. These are only opinions. If someone knows how to make money at casinos, why would they share their knowledge? To avoid spending more than you can afford, be smart about online gambling.

The allure of casino games has been timeless, drawing in fans with a potent cocktail of risk, strategy, and the tantalizing allure of fortune. But as time marches on, so too has the casino landscape evolved. The rise of online platforms has sprinkled a new kind of magic, mixing the traditional thrill with digital convenience. As bonuses become the glittering jewels of this online realm, seasoned players are constantly on the prowl, hunting for the most lucrative deals. Delve with me into the heart of this digital treasure trove.

Bonuses, Glittering and Bewildering: The online casino world is akin to a bustling market, teeming with vendors vying for attention. Their biggest bait? Bonuses. These range from the welcoming embrace for newcomers to incentives that keep old players rooted. Among these, the ‘sticky bonus’ stands out, almost like a challenging puzzle. It’s money you can play with but can’t pocket, offering a delicious risk without touching your actual funds. But like every puzzle, it demands a strategy of its own.

A Juggling Act: Our resident casino buff’s strategy of hopping between casinos sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? But remember, each casino is its own universe, governed by its own laws (or terms of service). Some may demand you take breaks between games, while others might curtail your game choices. As you dance between these universes, be sure to learn their rules.

Harness the Future: It’s not just cards and dice anymore. Modern casinos are fortified with the might of tech – AI suggestions, virtual realms to explore, and insights powered by complex analytics. Using these tools can make you not just a player, but a maestro.

The Real in the Virtual: Missing the clink of coins and the whispered strategies of a real casino? Many platforms offer live games, anchored by real dealers and real stakes. It’s the bridge between the physical and the digital, and it’s exhilarating.

The Golden Rule – Play Wise: The digital realm, with its flashing lights and constant action, can be intoxicating. But remember, it’s a game. Set boundaries, not just for your wallet but your time. A fun pastime should never morph into an obsession. And if fortune doesn’t favor you, never try to chase her. It’s a dangerous game.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish: The digital casino world is a chameleon, constantly changing. New games emerge, bonuses evolve, and rules shift. Keep an ear to the ground – forums, news, and updates are your best friends.

In essence, the digital casino world is both a treasure trove and a labyrinth. Strategy, information, and a dash of luck are your compass. Here’s to thrilling adventures and grand wins! Cheers!