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Slot Overview: Piles of Presents

How does it sound to pull up the chaise lounge, warm your feet by the fire and play a Christmas slot called Piles of Presents from Just For The Win? Time flies. The studio did this slot about a year ago called Plenty of Presents. The two places share a name. They have also reskinned jobbies from previous slots and have all been stocking up for the season. Piles of Presents is a reimagining of Wolf Howl. Its inspiration comes from the pirate-themed Adventures of Captain Blackjack.

It’s quite a distance from Captain Blackjack’s salty surroundings to the serene scene in Piles of presents. Just For The Win went all out and arranged the screen in full greeting card style for this game. It’s a festive tree on one side, ribboned boxes on the other, and stockings waving joyfully at a roaring fireplace. The traditional feel is almost clich├ęd. A seasonal soundtrack adds warmth. There’s nothing in this game that many people won’t have experienced or seen before. Piles of Presents might be the perfect solution for some, while others want to avoid it.

The situation is statistically similar to what we saw in Adventures of Captain Blackjack. The result is several return-to-player numbers with a default RTP figure of 96.17%. This was based on highly volatile math models. The bets range from 20 to 50 p/c, with a maximum of 20 pay lines. This 5-reel, three-row game offers 20 pay lines that can be used to land winning combinations.

Piles of Presents includes eight regular pay symbols as symbols. The J-A card ranks are the first four symbols. Drums, trains, and soldiers are the four highest-value symbols. Teddy bears are the four highest values. Five winning symbols pay 2.5-4x for the royals and 5-20x for five premiums. The wild symbol, which can be found on all five reels, is another symbol you should consider. The Wild can replace any paying symbol, and it is worth up to 20x for five wild-winning lines.

Slot Features: Piles of Presents

Christmas Wheel

Mistletoe Christmas Tokens appear randomly on top of other symbols in the base game. This will award the Mini, Major, Major, or Mega jackpot prizes of 15x, 40x or 250x, or 5,000x your bet, depending on whether you are betting. The Christmas Wheel may be triggered if they occur.